Transforming travel with Google

ʦapp Travel AI™, developed in partnership with Google, introduces a new era of AI in travel technology. The combination of ʦapp’s travel expertise with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and artificial intelligence capabilities, ʦapp Travel AI allows machine learning models to be integrated into existing and future ʦapp products faster, and with more scalability, than ever before.

Benefits of ʦapp Travel AI™

Enhanced revenue opportunities

Expanding revenue and margin growth through AI.

Seamless data integration

Real-time marketplace data can be integrated with customer and external data sources.

Cloud-based scale

Scale to support current and future shopping volumes with minimal impact on latency.

Smarter, faster, cost-effective solutions

Manage costs through intelligent automation and effective next-generation solutions.

In-path machine learning

Transform shopping data into meaningful insights to deliver target offers and maximize revenue.

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