Built for today. Ready for tomorrow.

╝°╗Ă╩ŽappMosaic is a revolutionary airline retail platform. Designed and built to be modular, open, and powered by AI, it paves the way to a world of offers and orders.

Unlike traditional systems, our innovative technology addresses longstanding challenges by providing a flexible ecosystem and state-of-the-art APIs. Airlines can pick and choose components at any time to create their own technical blueprint from a range of ╝°╗Ă╩Žapp and partner products.

Dynamically create, sell and deliver an array of personalized content to travelers and fuel your revenue growth with ╝°╗Ă╩ŽappMosaic.

Different by design. Unlimited retail possibilities.

A modern way of retailing requires a different way of doing things.

With ╝°╗Ă╩ŽappMosaic, intelligence powers everything we do. Partnering with Google to deliver the best-in-class AI, we’ve created an offer and order platform that brings modular, open technology to life.


Our AI-driven technology learns continuously from consumer behavior. Test multiple options in a live shopping environment with an automated experimentation framework.


A new microservice-enabled architecture delivers modularity. The result? New levels of commercial and technical flexibility that simplify and streamline how airlines do business with us.  


With open access to platform capabilities using version-less APIs, airlines benefit from continual backwards compatibility to improve speed to market and reduce development time.   


With a strong focus on flexibility, our approach ensures airlines can direct their own progress. WeÔÇÖre here to help revolutionize travel retailing while safeguarding against potential challenges.  

The power of partnership

At ╝°╗Ă╩Žapp, we understand the value of partnership. That’s why ╝°╗Ă╩ŽappMosaic has been designed and built in collaboration with airlines and technology partners. See what they have to say.

Every piece of ╝°╗Ă╩ŽappMosaic is infused with intelligence.

Our modular platform is here, and ready to work for you. ╝°╗Ă╩Žapp is committed to a modular approach so you can take your airline to the new world of offers and orders. Choose the components your airline needs – for today and tomorrow.

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