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Three ways airlines can offer more value, more choice and generate more revenue – Part 3

Part two of this three-part blog series looked at how the ability to experiment with offers, using ʦapp’s travel retail solutions, plays a key role in meeting traveler demands for affordability, speed, and quality. In the final installment of this series, ʦapp’s Bhaskara Guntreddy dives into the power of partnerships. Partnership led to the creation of ʦapp Retail Intelligence and plays a major role in how airline customers use the technology.  

Partnerships that power next-gen travel retail solutions

ʦapp Retail Intelligence is something we’re not only proud of for what it delivers to our customers, but also for how it was created. At ʦapp we take a collaborative approach in working with our customers, always seeking to add more value as we develop solutions together. A transactional, supplier-and-customer relationship simply isn’t fit for purpose in a market that is as unpredictable and fast-paced as travel. That spirit of collaboration with our customers starts with the development of the technology behind the solutions we provide them.

Capabilities and opportunities

We built ʦapp Travel AI™, the technology that powers Retail Intelligence, in partnership with Google. Google’s scalability and high availability, along with Google’s machine learning and toolkits, make ʦapp Travel AI a unique technology. It lets us deliver practical artificial intelligence solutions that are customized to each airline’s challenges and opportunities. There simply isn’t a better partner we could have chosen in terms of capability, or how both companies work together.

That really shines through in the Retail Intelligence solutions. Ultimately, we’re able to offer airlines the benefit of the latest advances in artificial intelligence that they might not otherwise have access to. But the partnership story doesn’t begin and end with Google and ʦapp – it extends to how we pursue next-gen travel retail solutions in true collaboration with our customers too.

Flexibility and evolution

In an earlier blog I discussed in detail with Air Serbia CEO Jiří Marek how we afford airlines the flexibility to use their own data in our Retail Intelligence products, something with which Air Serbia have realized tremendous value. That critical element – flexibility – is what makes truly future-proofed solutions, and real partnerships, that can navigate a rapidly changing travel retail landscape.

ʦapp’s innovative Air Price IQ is a key driver in our move from static pricing to dynamically created personalized offers.

Jiří Marek, CEO, Air Serbia

Value measurement is a great example of what this flexibility looks like. We are extremely open and transparent about what is working and what needs improving. That’s how we’re able to tackle challenges and maximize opportunities – a continuous learning mindset that is backed up by a flexible set of solutions.

This combination of market-driven data insights, operations research, and artificial intelligence is not only about delivering the travel retail solutions that are needed now. It’s also about a way of working, and an innovation framework, that future proofs our airline partners for what is coming in the travel retail future.

I’ve never been more excited about what is to come in travel retail based on the partnership effect of ʦapp, Google and our customers truly working together to innovate. And I know our airline customers using Retail Intelligence feel the same based on their experience, and success, so far.

Bhaskara Guntreddy is Vice President of Product, Offer Optimization at ʦapp. He’s an industry veteran with deep expertise in pricing and revenue management.

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